This employee used a friggin’ marching band to quit his job!!!

This has been an intense week here at The Employer Handbook. What, with Monday’s post on taking the “sex” out of sexual harassment, followed up on Tuesday with the 15 craziest excuses employees have for missing work. You guys seemed to like that one a lot. Then there was the post on an old guy claiming that an older judge is too out of it to rule on the old guy’s age discrimination claims. I-ro-ny! And to the three of you who read my post yesterday about the enforceability of arbitration agreements, thank you.

Hard-hitting stuff, no doubt. But, let’s kick it up a notch! *** Writes royalty check to Emerill *** I’m going to save the news on a new 90,000-plaintiff Wal-Mart class-action lawsuit for next week. Instead, for your end-of-the-week viewing pleasure, meet Joey. Who’s Joey? Well, remember the young woman who, last year, in a series of 34 pictures, quit her job? She’s got nothin’ on Joey. In August, Joey quit his job at a hotel using a marching band. A MARCHING BAND!

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