Save the turtles, skip poison ivy, vote The Employer Handbook!

True story: In the wake of last year’s stupid turtle ploy to elicit votes for The Employer Handbook in the ABA Blawg 100 Amici, I spent over an hour in a Harrisburg hotel room on Tuesday night trying to one-up (one-down?) myself by programming a talking computer avatar with an Irish brogue to encourage you to vote for The Employer Handbook in this year’s ABA Blawg 100 Amici.

Now, I have done some stupid stuff in my life (see; e.g., the turtle; rubbing poison ivy on my face in the fourth grade because I didn’t believe that the shiny green leaves of three that the kid with the baggie on his hand was holding was actually poison ivy) . Heck, while my wife was laboring in the delivery room last month, I was on the couch Googling for turkey crockpot recipes. (Perhaps, I should have kept that one to myself). But the talking avatar thing tops this week’s list — so far (I still have a few more days to go).

But seriously, here is the link, take a few seconds, vote Handbook. Tomorrow is the voting deadline. So, cast your vote today and then cackle with me as I mercilessly crush the competition. WHAT!

Then listen to me try to one-up my avatar idiocy this afternoon on this week’s episode of The Proactive Employer. Stephanie Thomas will be hosting me, Jon Hyman, Phil Miles, Robin Shea as we answer your HR and workplace law questions. 

The show will air live today at 3 PM Eastern / 12 Noon Pacific on BlogTalkRadio. During the show, you can Tweet your questions using the hashtag #TPESHOW or call in at 1-888-553-6673.

And there’s a twist.

According to the Stephanie’s show promotion, “No issue is out of bounds, no question is too challenging, no situation is too bizarre for our panel of labor and employment attorneys! ” She has further requested that we provide “candid advice” to such workplace conundrums as: “One of my employees posed for a Playboy spread. That’s not the image our company wants to portray – can I legally fire her?”

[Editor’s note: That sound you just heard was my malpractice carrier’s head exploding]

Hopefully, the carrier voted Handbook first.

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