Resume blunders worse than Mark Sanchez’s butt fumble.

It’s the survey of “The Most Outrageous Resume Mistakes Employers Have Found.” Eat your heart out “Butt Fumble“!

  • An applicant’s name was auto-corrected from “Flin” to “Flintstone.” His name was Freddie.
  • An applicant stated they had great attention to detail, but “attention” was misspelled.
  • An applicant claimed they worked at a federal prison. A background check determined he was actually incarcerated at the prison during that time.
  • An applicant stated they had been a prince in another life.
  • An applicant listed a skill as “taking long walks.”
  • An applicant used direct quotes from Star Wars in their resume.
  • An applicant claimed he would work harder if paid more.
  • An applicant wrote the following at the end of their resume: “I didn’t really fill this out, someone did it for me.”
  • An applicant used a resume template with cats in the corners.
  • An applicant listed smoking under hobbies.

And, since, clearly, I have nothing of value to add to today, let’s close the week with an important poll. My reader analytics only go so deep. This will separate the wheat from the chaff.

I’ll post the results next week.


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