Racist posts on Facebook are apparently a really bad look for an HR professional. #shrm18


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I use the term “professional” loosely.

That is to say, not at all.

“Roseanne Barr, hold my drink,” is what I picture a former Human Resources Supervisor for a Fortune 50 company saying to herself before she allegedly went all racist in a recent Facebook post on an Atlanta television station’s Facebook page.

Here’s more from Nefertiti Jaquez, WSBTV.com:

After Atlanta’s WSB-TV posted a story on Facebook about an officer being fired for an incident involving a black man, a message appeared in the comment section that read:

“Thugs deserve it. If a family member so be it. However, I do no have any thugs in my family that I am aware of. Seems to be people of color who are the problem.”

Oh, FFS.

But, wait. There’s more.

Shortly after the comment was posted, WSB-TV’s followers alerted them that the woman worked for the [Fortune 50] company as a human resources supervisor…. WSB-TV contacted the company. On Monday, a spokesperson … confirmed the company fired [the HR Supervisor] after 25 years on the job [because of the Facebook post.]

To sum it all up:

  1. Racist post on the Facebook page of a television station news department.
  2. A television station news department exists to investigate and report the news.
  3. This particular television news department investigated the Facebook post and connected it to an HR professional
  4. This particular television news department reported the Facebook post to the employer of the HR professional
  5. The employer fired the HR professional.

Now, shake your head, and have a great day at #SHRM18.

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