Preparing for Exceptions To Your Business’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program

I was in The Zone yesterday.

Late in the afternoon, a reader emailed me to see if I had posted an article addressing “what if” an employee refuses to receive the vaccine should your business choose to require it?

Well, it just so happened that my fabulous FisherBroyles employment law partner, Amy Epstein Gluck, and I were putting the finishing touches on a client alert called “Preparing for Exceptions To Your Business’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program.

So, I sent a draft of the client alert to the reader.

And now I’m linking the final version here for the rest of you.

DISCLAIMER: Reading the client alert doesn’t make you a client. Clients are smart enough to realize that relying upon a blog post or a client alert is no substitute for actual legal advice tailored to address specific factual situations. Clients also pay me. Speaking of tailored, I could use a few new custom suits. But, I won’t hold it against you, deadbeat, if your business would prefer to keep our relationship I give you take blogger-reader.

But also consider that jet fuel for my BlogForceOne isn’t cheap either. And don’t get me started on BlogForceTwo! Plus, my kids are always nagging about the malfunctioning variable lower back massager in the 747’s rear hot tub. Quite frankly, they are shaming me, and my feelings are hurt.

So, if you’d like to be a contributor, err client, we can chat.

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