Pennsylvania to relax OT requirements for hospitals


Last week, Pennsylvania’s Governor, Tom Corbett was presented with this bill that will allow hospitals and other medical care facilities in Pennsylvania to better control the scheduling of employees to control payment of overtime. Details after the jump…

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The bill, which Gov. Corbett is expected to sign, would amend Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage Act and allow medical employers to pay overtime (time-and-a-half) to employees who work over 8 hours in a single day or 80 hours during a period of 14 consecutive days (versus the current system of overtime for 40+ hours worked over 7 days). The employer may take advantage of this new rule by providing advance notice to employees. Unionized employers will also need to negotiate any overtime changes with the unions.

This law will align state law with federal law, which already permits the 80/8 arrangement.

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(h/t Joel Barras at Employment Law Watch)

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