The NLRB wants your input on quickie union elections. [Translation: bye bye quickie union elections]

I got a little early holiday present yesterday, one that I’d like to share with each of you.

And, of all places, it was from the National Labor Relations Board.

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Yesterday, at 9:01 am EST, I received an email from the Board. In that email, the Board noted that it would be publishing this Request for Information in the Federal Register. The Board wants to hear from you regarding “the Board’s 2014 Election Rule, which modified the Board’s representation-election procedures located at 29 CFR parts 101 and 102.” Those are the quickie-election rules that drastically shortened the time between when a union files to hold a union election and the election itself.

The Board has three primary questions for the public (my suggested answer in parenthesis):

  1. Should the 2014 Election Rule be retained without change? (Heck no.)
  2. Should the 2014 Election Rule be retained with modifications? If so, what should be modified? (Heck no.)
  3. Should the 2014 Election Rule be rescinded? (Hell yeah). If so, should the Board revert to the Representation Election Regulations that were in effect prior to the 2014 Election Rule’s adoption, or should the Board make changes to the prior Representation Election Regulations? (Well, that depends…) If the Board should make changes to the prior Representation Election Regulations, what should be changed?  (Hmmm….)

Complete instructions for filing responses are available here on the homepage of the Agency’s website. You have until Monday, February 12, 2018, to tell the NLRB where it can stick those quickie elections, err, provide your careful input.

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