Looking to update your policy on sexual harassment? Maybe you’d like to see Facebook’s…


I’m used to it by now.

Maybe it’s a conversation at a networking event or a question from the audience at an HR session. You know what I’m talking about. That hypothetical legal question (with three follows ups) that someone asks for a friend (while everyone else rolls their eyes).

Look. It’s cool. I get it. No hard feelings.

And to prove it, I’ve got a bunch of freebies to maybe save you another call to your lawyer.

Actually, Facebook as a bunch of freebies and I’m merely adding hyperlinks from this blog post.

You see, Facebook decided to make a bunch of its workplace policies and training modules publicly available. According to Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, and Lori Goler, VP of People, it’s “not because we think we have all the answers, but because we believe that the more companies are open about their policies, the more we can all learn from one another.”

I really wanted to insert a slow clap video here. But, let’s give Facebook some credit for sharing. It’s like early Christmas for HR.

  • Here is the harassment policy (which includes an internal FAQ for employees on Facebook’s investigations process that I’m totally going to steal, plagiarize, borrow.)
  • Here is the full managing unconscious bias training module.
    • Here is the welcome from Lori Goler
    • Here is the module on introductions and first impressions
    • Here is the module on stereotypes and performance bias
    • Here is the module on performance attribution bias
    • Here is the module on competence/likeability tradeoff bias
    • Here is the module on maternal bias
    • Here is the module on the Business Case for Diversity & Inclusions and What You Can Do


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