Join me at 3 pm EST today on Twitter for a SHRM #nextchat on these dang DOL #OvertimeRules.


Today is your lucky day.

For, your see, I have received special permission from my Illuminati brothers and sisters to share with you the secret to navigating this morass that is the U.S. Department of Labor overtime rules and the recent nationwide injunction.

What does the future hold?

Well, for me, since the “special permission” part of the preceding paragraph is a bald-faced lie, I expect men in dark suits, sunglasses, and earwigs to appear at my door anytime soon fingering their weapons. Therefore, I am going underground — yes, that’s my parents’ basement. It’s also where I hide the Cool Ranch Doritos.


For you, if my “wi-fi connection” holds up, I’ll be on Twitter from 3-4 pm EST with Michael Haberman (@mikehaberman) and SHRM (@shrmnextchat), where we’ll chat with other Twitter users about how the Overtime Rule stay is affecting employees and employers. How cool is that?!?

(Don’t answer, unless your response is “Hella-cool” or otherwise involves contributing to my GoFundMe).

If you want in on the fun, you should follow me on Twitter (@Eric_B_Meyer). Also, follow along by searching Twitter for the #nextchat hashtag.

And, if you need more details about the Illuminati today’s Twitter chat, click here.


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