Irresistible attraction, three-ways, and more fun and games

Just another Friday here at the ole Handbook. Oh, get your head out of the gutter! This is a family blog.

(Y’all have families, right?)

For serious, today’s lede isn’t just gratuitous, there is an employment-law connection here.

*** searching … searching … searching ***

Ok, got it!

    1. Back in 2012, the Iowa Supreme Court held that it’s legal to fire a female employee because of her “irresistible attraction”. Leave it to Staci Zaretsky at Above the Law to track down the plaintiff. She filmed a hilarious segment on Tosh.0. More from Above The Law here.


    1. Take one supervisor, add in a consensual relationship (complete with texting, sexting, and you know, I don’t know the exact pronunciation, but I believe its ménage à trois) gone bad, a sexual harassment complaint, and what do you have? Why a race-discrimination complaint, of course! Guh?!?!


    1. And last, we have this month’s edition of the Employment Law Blog Carnival: Tips for HR Spring Cleaning. Make sure to check it out. Lorene Schafer at Win-Win HR did a fantastic job with it!


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