If your employee gets coronavirus ON PURPOSE, can he still get FFCRA leave, FMLA … BOTH?!? 🤔😤🤬


Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

Sorry, I should’ve warned you to grab a fire extinguisher before your head exploded.

Two of my favorite employment law / HR blogs inspire today’s post.

On Tuesday, over at Ask a Manager, Alison Green posted here about a small-business owner who lamented about one of her employees who spent the weekend with his girlfriend after she began experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and went to get tested, but before the girlfriend received the test results.

Yesterday, Jeff Nowak blogged here on FMLA Insights about whether an employee can get FMLA if an employer places the employee on leave when the employee cannot wear a face covering.

So, I thought I’d mash them up and address whether an employee who intentionally (or really negligently) contracts COVID-19 can get FFCRA leave, FMLA leave, or both?

For that answer, let’s go to the video!


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