LexisNexis deems The Employer Handbook the best blog ever

lexis.jpg(Maybe, I’m reading a little too much into an email I received from them yesterday). 

Actually, The Employer Handbook has been nominated as one of the LexisNexis Top 25 Labor and Employment Law Blogs of 2011If Because you want to vote for The Employer Handbook, click here. Seriously, if you like what you read, please stuff the ballot box. (You’ll need to register first with LexisNexis. But that takes 20 seconds and you can do that here.) Thank you!

* * *

And in other equally important news, Muammar Qaddafi’s regime is clearly crumbling I am now officially blogging for the Society for Human Resource Management’s We Know Next. Talk about a fantastic resource for business executives, policymakers and human resource leaders to explore and discuss the latest workforce and workplace trends! I am pleased as punch — the same laced punch I served to SHRM — to be blogging both here at The Employer Handbook and at the Next blog.

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