Here’s what doctors think of the government’s efforts to mandate employee COVID-19 vaccinations


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Even with my crypto mining servers recommissioned to track the pending vaccinate mandate lawsuits throughout the country, some items slip through the cracks. So, I must tip my crushed velvet, gold-trimmed blogger cap to Rosie Manins at Law360 for the heads up on a brief that the American Medical Association filed in one of the pending lawsuits to enjoin President Biden’s Executive Order requiring vaccinations for employees of federal contractors.

The AMA is very much pro mandate. There are four reasons why:

  1. COVID-19 poses a grave danger to the health of federal contractor employees.
  2. Vaccines provide a safe and effective way to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace.
  3. The more federal contractor employees who get vaccinated, the safer the workplace becomes
  4. Widespread vaccination is the most effective way to protect federal contractor employees from COVID-19.

I agree with all these points. Seriously, who am I to disagree with doctors about medicine?

But their supporting legal arguments are — how should I put this? — missing. Yes, that’s right, the AMA’s lawyers do not cite a single case, statute, or regulation in their brief. Instead, it’s more like a high-level white paper promoting COVID-10 vaccinations. So, will it convince the judge to leave President Biden’s Executive Order undisturbed? Probably not.

But federal contractor or not, if you still have some naysayers in your workplace about the benefits of getting vaccinated, then this 15-page brief is a solid rebuttal. Please read it and consider incorporating some points into your workplace policies. Even if you don’t require employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19, there’s fodder here to help encourage workers to get the jab.

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”
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