Guess which state just became the first to require severance following a mass layoff?


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

At this point, that’s kinda like asking which day of the week ends in a “y”?

Yep, New Jersey has gone and done it again.

Here are five things that employers need to know about this new law:

  1. If you employ 100 or more workers, you must provide WARN Notices 90 days in advance; rather than the federally-mandated 60 days.
  2. Basically, if you fire or layoff 50 or more people at once, you’ll probably need to provide to each employee whose employment is terminated severance pay equal to one week of pay for each full year of employment.
  3. 100 or more workers includes anyone, full or part-time. Part-timers also get included in the 50 getting laid off.
  4. If you’re late on the WARN Notice, you owe each impacted employee an additional four weeks of severance and must take one bite of their collective toenail clippings.
  5. The new law takes effect on July 19, 2020.


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