Fired for accidentally live-streaming nude on the company’s Instagram page (oops!), now she’s suing for her job back



That’s me after reading yesterday’s Google Alerts; the ones I set up to capture employees doing dumb stuff on social media.

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Alone in a hotel room with a work phone and an Instagram account.

What could possibly go wrong?

Jasmine Payoute of KLSA News 12 explains here:


So what happened next to the Tourism Director in Webster Parish, Louisiana?

Err, former Tourism Director in Webster Parish, Louisiana. Yes, according to the Daily Mail (here), she was placed on leave mid-January and fired in February.

But, according to Fox8 News (here), the former Tourism Director in Webster Parish, Louisiana is now suing to become the new Tourism Director in Webster Parish, Louisiana. Here is a copy of her lawsuit.

And, because I don’t have the foggiest idea how Louisiana law works — maybe there’s an Instagram loophole there somewhere…

I’ll stick with some employer takeaways.

Frankly, the only takeaway I can come up with is to co-opt this blog post as a cocktail party conversation starter. Have at it!

And, tell ’em there’s more good stuff — maybe not this good — at The Employer Handbook.

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