Even the best lawyers make mistakes. Because, about my Ezekiel Elliott predictions…

Ezekiel Elliott picture while being questioned by reporters in 2015 when he payed for Ohio StateRemember when I told you that a federal judge would uphold his six-week suspension?

Not even close.

Yep, I saw some writing on the wall earlier in the day on Friday. During happy hour, federal judge Amos Mazzant granted the NFLPA’s request for a temporary restraining order. Something about Ezekiel Elliott being denied a “fundamentally fair hearing” and suspect procedural due process.

The short of it is that Zeke played on Sunday against the Giants. (I did call that).

Presumably, the NFL will take an interlocutory appeal to the Fifth Circuit. But, Elliott’s not going to miss any action any time soon due to the suspension. Maybe, next season a la Tom Brady, when the Second Circuit eventually enforced the arbitrator’s decision in DeflateGate.

If you drafted him in fantasy football, it’s safe to pat yourself on the back now.

As much as I don’t like admitting when I’m wrong, I hate the Cowboys even more. Uggh!

Image Credit: By WOSNsports – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-cMBe_tYwk, CC BY 3.0, Link
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