DOUBLE FEATURE: CARES Act (PPP) and FFCRA videos that will explain everything*


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*The Employer Handbook neither guarantees nor represent that anything in today’s post explains ‘everything.’ Instead, in case you hadn’t figured it out already, the author of this blog loves clickbait and Flaming Hot Cheetos. Nonetheless, we think you’re in for a treat today.

A CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program AMAZING SPECTACULAR

I promised you yesterday that I would invite a bunch of my FisherBroyles partners that have geeked out on the Paycheck Protection Program portion of the 880-page CARES Act to record a Zoom chat with me. Our goal was to demystify the law and explain how businesses can make the most out of this loan program to help them during these hard times.

I think we succeeded.

For a half-hour or so, I moderated, and my partners spit knowledge — enough to whet your beak and, hopefully, answer some of your pressing PPP questions. You can watch the video here over on The Employer Handbook YouTube channel. (And while you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment).

If you’d like to connect with my brilliant colleagues, I’ve linked their law firm bios and LinkedIn profiles below:

The DOL issues its FFCRA temporary rule. And I’ve got more to say about that.

At about 4 pm, I was thinking about snuggling up on one of my many plush couches in the Bloggerdome with a tall glass of Johnnie Walker Blue.

Folks, it’s been a week, and I assumed that it was happy hour somewhere.

Except then the bat phone a/k/a the nerd phone a/k/a my iPhone with the fresh special edition D-Brand skin alerted me to this jawn a/k/a the 124-page temporary rule from the DOL for the paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act a/k/a my homework.


So, I started crying reading and taking notes. And when I got finished, I realized that I had too much to say for a blog post today. So, instead, I recorded this short video on The Employer Handbook YouTube channel. Rather than cover everything in the temporary rule, I focused on open issues that were up for grabs until today, which not coincidentally is when the DOL’s rule takes effect.

So, you get two movies for the price of one! Enjoy!

Plus, I’ll do you one better and come back on Friday with another Facebook Live chat over at The Employer Handbook Facebook page. That will be at Noon Eastern.

As always, if you have hypothetical questions that you’d like for me to try to answer where I’m not giving legal advice, we’re not creating any attorney-client privilege, yadda yadda, please email me.

I do ask that you limit yourself to one question. If you have multiple issues, you probably need a lawyer. And, hey, I’m a lawyer. But, that Johnny Walker Blue doesn’t pay for itself by answering free questions, plural. My wonderful, paying clients do.

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