Do your employees trust your Human Resources Department?


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No, they don’t.

Well, at least not according to a recent survey I saw on Twitter. Earlier this week, Dave Jamieson, a labor reporter for Huffington Posttweeted the results of a survey conducted by the creators of a workplace app called Blind. Blind is an anonymous community app for the workplace. Blind asked its community members if they trust their employers’ HR departments. The results show that most do not. Like nearly three-quarters of respondents do not.


Now, let’s put these survey results into proper perspective. Those who took the poll use Blind. Techcrunch has described Blind as “pick[ing] up where labor unions left off and where HR has failed — to serve as a safeguard against corporate overreach, and to provide a protected space for employees to collaborate around solutions to improve the workplace.” So, we’re talking about respondents who use Blind because they already feel as if HR has let them down.

But still…

Let’s take our own poll.

It’s anonymous. So, I want you to be brutally honest. Here’s the question:

Do your employees trust your Human Resources Department?

To be clear, I’m not talking about employees generally and HR generally. There’s a reason that I underlined the word “your” twice.

You can take the poll here. And I will post the results tomorrow.

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