These crazazy interview gaffes have nothing to do with pending NJ employment bills


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Ok, enough with New Jersey for this week.

Today, I blog on a lighter note. It’s Career Builder’s list of “The Most Unusual Things People Have Done in Job Interviews.”

When you’re interviewing a job candidate, how long does it take you to figure out whether that person is a good fit for the position? Is it before or after they hand you an envelope full of cash?

Am I alone in that scenario? Your collective shock leads me to believe that I am.

Well, a CareerBuilder survey indicates that “around half of employers (49 percent) know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a good or bad fit for a position, and only 8 percent make up their mind within a half hour or longer.”

The survey goes on to list 12 of the darndest things that some of the Stranger Things sitting across the table from you have done to, err, stand out from the crowd:

  • Candidate did not have the skills to do the job and stated, “Fake it until you make it” as his personal philosophy.
  • Candidate asked interviewer if she was qualified to be doing her job.
  • Candidate asked for a cocktail.
  • Candidate asked to taste the interviewer’s coffee.
  • Candidate called a government job “something government-y.”
  • Candidate came to interview wearing slippers.
  • Candidate wore a Darth Vader outfit to the interview.
  • Candidate spent a lot of time quoting Dwight D. Eisenhower, which had nothing to do with the position he was interviewing for.
  • Candidate leaned far forward with his head down during the first five minutes of the interview.
  • Candidate offered interviewer pumpkins and said they transfer good energy.
  • Candidate pulled out a bag of drugs with his keys.
  • Candidate broke out in song in the middle of the interview.

Ok, some of these are pretty strange. Candidly, I’m not sure which would one have me calling the cops first: the drugs or the pumpkins.

Either way, I’ll be you’ve got some doozies that blow this list away.

Hit me up and let know. Maybe, I’ll publish some next week, hiding the names to protect the idiots innocent.

Have a great weekend.

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