I was this close to playing Mad Libs with Gov. Christie’s veto of NJ’s Paid Family Leave expansion.

Chris Christie at the 2015 CPAC by Gage Skidmore

But, the guy’s been through so much in the past year.

Plus, I’m not certain that any of my Millennial readers know what Mad Libs are. As far as I know, they haven’t developed a Mad Libs Snapchat filter and Mad Libs wouldn’t make for a compelling podcast.

Anyway, on Friday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie conditionally vetoed a bill — this one — that he considered a “costly expansion” to New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave program:

It is all but guaranteed that the cost of this program will increase and that cost will be borne by the taxpaying citizens of this State directly out of their paychecks…As with similar “one-size-fits-all” legislation that has reached my desk, this bill may force [small] businesses to limit hiring, relocate, or even close. Not only did the Legislature fail to acknowledge these realities when it passed this bill, it also failed to even explore the possibilities. That lack of consideration represents an injustice not only to the businesses and individuals impacted by this bill, but to the process by which laws in this State are created.

Among other things, the bill would have increased the maximum number of weeks of family temporary disability leave benefits from 6 to 12 weeks and expanded the weekly cap for benefits under the program from the current $633 to up to $932 per week, depending on the claimant’s income. You can read a summary of the bill here. For now, it goes back to the Assembly Committee.

But before you go creating another Christie meme, ThinkProgress.com reports here that Gov. Christie did sign two pro-transgender bills into law. One will protect transgender students. The other will protect transgender individuals from being refused health services from state-licensed hospitals, health providers, health insurers, and Medicaid. NJ already has one of the most employee-friendly employment discrimination laws, which includes protections based on gender identity and expression.



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