Ask a Manager’s Alison Green is hella-brave!!!


Whatever I was originally going to post about today can wait for a day.

Alison Green is the publisher of one of the best HR blogs around, Ask A Manager. When she started blogging, Alison was the chief of staff for a successful nonprofit, where she was responsible for hiring, firing, promoting, and managing, among other things. Drawing from her experience, both her successes and misses, Alison answers readers questions about, you guessed it, just about anything having to do with the workplace.

Well, yesterday, Alison published one of her most courageous posts entitled, “something personal.”  In that post, Alison shared the reason that she left her chief of staff post; namely because she “worked for a serial sexual harasser.”

No matter your place in your organization, from entry-level to HR to management to C-Suite, do yourself a favor and read Alison’s post. Then, share it with someone — anyone in your workplace.

Thank you for sharing, Alison.

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”
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