A new FMLA resource you need to check out.


I’m feeling generous today. And that’s strange because usually I spend my Fridays dangling hundred dollar bills down to the street from a fishing pole in my office, trying to avoid the catch. But, the past few days changed my mindset.

You see, earlier in the week I was introduced to an in-house lawyer who was seeking information on the Family and Medical Leave Act. And, as it so happens, yesterday I received an email from a reader of the blog. Well, not just any reader. This email was from one of my best readers. And she just started a new FMLA blog called Matrix Radar: Adventures in Absence Management and Accommodation. The name alone sounds like something that would not only satisfy the needs of the biggest FMLA dork, but also supply me with the Director’s Cut of Neo and Trinity rescuing Morpheus.

Well, 50% ain’t bad. And I recommend that y’all check out Matrix Radar.

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