Would you require a new C-Suite hire to affirm no history of discrimination at work?

plant-paprika-pepper-grow-82728We’re still got about a month and a half to go, and the list of notable sexual harassers (allegedly) is growing faster than my youngest can eat her peas.

Often, when we hire high-level executives, we resort to employment agreements. And in those employment agreements, we include provisions requiring the new hire to affirm that working for the new company will not cause that person to violate any restrictive covenants or other pre-existing agreements.

So, I have a question for you.

Is it time to expand those reps and warranties to include a similar provision requiring onboarding executives — male or female — to affirm that they have never been accused of sexual harassment or other discriminatory behavior at work?

What do you think? Email me and let me know.


2 responses to “Would you require a new C-Suite hire to affirm no history of discrimination at work?”

  1. Lillie Lane says:

    I’m just a lowly worker bee (no hiring or high level responsibilities), but I would support this for 2 reasons. First, upper level management sets the culture for the organization. If they perpetrate or tolerate harassment or discrimination, the whole company is likely to be affected. Second, if the executive was embroiled in a situation at another company, HR may have covered up for the executive and they might not have suffered consequences….which would likely lead to repeat offenses at other companies. (I realize that HR does not always cover for the C-suite, but in my personal experience, that was the case.)

  2. LaSargenta says:


“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”