Your resume is in Klingon, plus 11 other ways not to impress the hiring manager

Last week, released its survey and study of resume do’s and don’ts. The one I received on used toilet paper was both a do-do and a don’t. But, at least she used 12-point Times New Roman. Still, that didn’t make the list. Here’s what did…


How long should a resume be?
Two pages max; one page if you are a recent college grad.

Top 5 Most Common Resume Mistakes?

  1. Typos
  2. Too Generic
  3. Don’t list skills
  4. Mimic the job posting
  5. Inappropriate email address

Most Outrageous Resume Mistakes

  • Resume was submitted from a person the company just fired
  • Resume’s “Skills” section was spelled “Skelze”
  • Resume listed the candidate’s objective as “To work for someone who is not an alcoholic with three DUI’s like my current employer”
  • Resume included language typically seen in text messages (e.g., no capitalization and use of shortcuts like “u”)
  • Resume consisted of one sentence: “Hire me, I’m awesome”
  • Resume listed the candidate’s online video gaming experience leading warrior “clans,” suggesting this passed for leadership experience
  • Resume included pictures of the candidate from baby photos to adulthood
  • Resume was written in Klingon language from Star Trek
  • Resume was a music video
  • Resume didn’t include the candidate’s name
  • On the job application, where it asks for your job title with a previous employer, the applicant wrote “Mr.”
  • Resume included time spent in jail for assaulting a former boss

In the comments below, tell me your biggest resume pet peeve and the craziest resume item you ever read from a job applicant.

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