We’re back! Today, at Noon ET, it’s The Employer Handbook Zoom Happy Hour: “Offboarding the C-Suite.”


Remember when we used to hang out on Friday afternoons on Zoom and talk about employment law? It wasn’t as dorky as it sounds.

We called it The Employer Handbook Zoom Happy Hour.

I usually had a few guests presenting with me. But there were no PowerPoints. Actually, it was rather informal — just an unscripted conversation about topics that we thought would interest you.

Well, with the Summer winding down and today being Friday, what do you say we have another Happy Hour at Noon ET?

Join me in a few hours for The Employer Handbook Zoom Happy Hour: “Offboarding the C-Suite.” My guest will be Bob Ellerbrock, who focuses his practice on executive compensation, employee benefits, and ERISA.

We will explore workplace investigations of executive wrongdoing, terminations, and resignations. We’ll also discuss common drafting errors in C-Suite employment and separation agreements, enforcing post-employment obligations, and communicating the change to your workforce.

And since it is happy hour, I won’t judge you for partaking in a beverage of your choice. Your video will be turned off, so it’ll be our little secret.

Sound good? If you haven’t already registered, click here, and I’ll see you at noon.

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