U.S. Department of Labor slims down and gets more user friendly. Too creepy?

Let’s start over with a less awkward headline.

Ok, here goes…

Last Friday, the U.S. Department of Labor eliminated approximately 3,200 guidance documents (almost 11,700 pages) from its database. These documents are rescinded and no longer carry any weight with the DOL. Additionally, the DOL updated its website to make all of its guidance available to the public in a searchable database at www.dol.gov/guidance. For example, if you’re looking for recently updated guidance on the coronavirus, click here.

According to the DOL, guidance documents (unlike regulations) historically have not gone through processes that are transparent and provide for public participation. Administrative agencies have sometimes improperly threatened penalties or promised rewards to coerce action beyond what the law requires.

Scary, huh?

This friendlier, streamlined DOL guidance is all part of the DOL’s “Promoting Regulatory Openness through Good Guidance Rule.” From now on, the public can petition the DOL on issues related to its guidance. Just email the DOL.

If you’d like to read up on this DOL effort, you can do that here, here, and here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to search the database for —

(Oh, who am I kidding? I’m going to watch Rambo: Last Blood (Extended Cut) on Amazon Prime.)

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