Two for Tuesday: EEOC Report on the American Workplace

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My apologies for skipping out on a post yesterday. Someone had a case of the Mondays. So, I’ll make it up to you now — kinda like serving you a prairie fire and then a cement mixer.

Yep, my blog fodder is not quite rail drink-worthy. Anyway…

(In my best radio announcer voice…)

Hey there, friends. Coming atcha, with a little two for Tuesday. It’s 75 degrees in the City of Brotherly Love. Going up to a high of 92. And speaking of love, I’ve got the latest from the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It’s the Report on the American Workplace, which shows that employers are showing more love to many minority employees, in terms of leadership positions, and also women in Professional categories.

And if you dig that Report, the EEOC also has a fact sheet highlighting key data points on each demographic group of workers.

From the blog with all of your hot employment law ish. It’s The Employer Handbook dot com.

(Damnit, I missed the post!)

Image Credit: “1978 AMC Matador sedan red NC detail of factory AM-FM-stereo-8-track unit” by CZmarlin – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
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