Top 10 Legal Land Mines to Watch Out for in 2016


There they are.

Those are my kids, after clearing our driveway with the discount shovels that I purchased from the dollar store. (I was tempted to splurge on the gas-powered snowblowers from the two-dollar store across the street; but, I’m not a monster).  So, I did what any proud parent would do. I marketed posed them on a nearby snowmound and forced smiles (under threat of cancelling Disney Jr.) to attract other area homeowners in need of quality labor. Hey, daddy needs a new set of camouflage 22-inch rims.

(Ok, DCF, I’m just kidding. They went sledding yesterday. Really.)

What does this have to do with legal land mines? Aside from milking Friday’s post — kidding there too, DCF — that’s the one where I did share the FMLA and FLSA implications of a snow day office closure.

But, wait, there’s more.

Recently, I presented a webinar for HRdirect entitled — what was it called? Oh yeah — “Top 10 Legal Land Mines to Watch Out for in 2016.” Not only am I giving away the slide deck today, but you get the recording too.

Email me and they’re yours. (The recording and slide deck; not my kids).


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