TIP: Remind your employees to update Facebook privacy settings

knowwhatyouaredoing.pngA website called WeKnowWhatYoureDoing.com, which describes itself as a “social networking privacy experiment,” has begun compiling publicly available Facebook status updates from your employees, which fall into one of four categories:

  1. “Who wants to get fired?”
  2. “Who’s hungover”
  3. “Who’s taking drugs”
  4. “Who’s got a new phone number?”

Although the content may be crude, the site’s mission is noble — to educate social networkers about Facebook privacy controls:

Just make sure your Facebook privacy settings are sufficient, for example don’t publish status updates containing potentially risky material as ‘Public’…The problem is how people simply don’t understand the risks of sharing everything.

Thus, without even realizing it, your employees may be broadcasting their hatred of you or their affinity for puffing the magic dragon [cue music], neither of which bodes well for your company.

Use this blog post as a reminder to mention in your social media policies and training sessions that social networking sites like Facebook have privacy settings. And while these settings may change from time-to-time, getting your employees keyed in to the idea of setting privacy controls is a good first step.

(h/t Phil Miles @ LawfficeSpace.com)

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