The May ’15 edition of The Employment Law Blog Carnival is LIVE #ELBC

Yesterday was interesting.

  1. I discovered what it’s like to use a coffee shop (with free wifi) as a law office. I even converted the empty table next to me into my conference room. I made silent vow to myself never to do that again.
  2. I learned what “eponymous” means. It was not what I thought.
  3. I realized that the ’16-’17 Sixers may have eight first rounders on their team, the oldest of whom was born in 1994. How can this tank thing possibly go wrong?

In other words, your day was more exciting than mine. However, I did read the latest edition of the Employment Law Blog Carnival: The “Wreck of the Old 97” Edition from Jon Hyman. It’s the monthly collection of all the best recent stuff from employment-law bloggers out there. This one has links to posts on employer-wellness programs, Deflategate and poop, among other great HR topics.

So, check it out.

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