The March Edition of the Employment Law Blog Carnival is LIVE!!!

Last night, after I arrived home, put my jacket away, and walked into the kitchen, something immediately caught my eye. On the kitchen table was a “Country Sweets Gourmet Cookie Dough” fundraising flyer from my son’s school.

My choice of five different flavors of raw cookie dough in a 48-ounce tub. And since it’s all in the name of fundraising…

Easily the highlight of my day. Except.

Then, I remembered that email I received from Heather Bussing at HR Examiner informing me that she had just posted this month’s edition of the Employment Law Blog Carnival: ELBC Walks Into a Bar. It’s 1 collection of 17 recent employment-law posts from bloggers across the country, dotted with “[insert here] walks into a bar” jokes. We have a winner!

You can view it here.

Totally unrelated, but, I’m just curious. If it’s you in the bar with a jukebox and one play left near last call, what’s your go-to.

Let me know in the comments below.

(Unquestionably, here’s mine).

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