Suspended blogging teacher will be back in school this fall

Remember Natalie Munroe? Let me see if I can refresh your recollection.

She’s a blogger. She’s a teacher. That’s right, smarties. She’s the blogging teacher who got suspended after her school learned that he had written on her personal blog that she wished she could leave the following comments for students so that parents could gain further insight into how their children were performing in school:


  • “Am concerned that your kid is going to come in one day and open fire on the school. (Wish I was kidding.)”
  • Rude, beligerent, argumentative fuck.”
  • Utterly loathsome in all imaginable ways.”
  • I called out sick a couple of days just to avoid your son.”
  • There’s no other way to say this: I hate your kid.”

You can read more about the history of Natalie Munroe here and here.

Christina Kristofic of the Bucks County Courier Times reports here that Ms. Munroe will have her job back in the Fall. I spoke with Ms. Munroe’s attorney, Steven Rovner, (disclosure: he is my stepbrother) and he confirmed that Ms. Munroe has been reinstated. Ms. Munroe’s husband also shared the news on Facebook.

In quasi-related news, the National Labor Relations Board just issued three memoranda (here, here, and here) in which the Board opined that employees who complain on Facebook and other social networking sites may not be protected from disciplinary action, even if those complaints are job related. (More on that tomorrow).

But, for today, sound off below. Should Ms. Munroe have been reinstated?

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