Sexual harassment — same as it ever was

On Tuesday, the EEOC announced here that it had resolved a sexual harassment lawsuit with a Dunkin Donuts franchise for $150,000.

What’s so blog-worthy about that?

Well, two reasons:

  1. It gives me an excuse to highlight this excellent post from Jon Hyman at the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog. Focusing on recent comments from Donald Trump about Fox News alum, Roger Ailes, Jon denounced victim shaming, while re-emphasizing how important it is for companies to aid sexual harassment victims, especially those who don’t “do what it takes to keep the boss happy.”
  2. With issues like FLSA compliance, LGBT workplace rights, and employee leaves of absence filling up your HR-compliance plate, don’t let down your guard on the (sadly) timeless sexual harassment. Because you know who’s going to remain vigilant? The EEOC, that’s who. Indeed, part of the EEOC Strategic Enforcement Plan for 2013-2016 is protecting vulnerable workers. Like your younger, seasonal workers.

The EEOC maintains a Youth@Work website, which provides information for teens and other young workers about employment discrimination. Better, however, that your workforce should learn from you about how to address (and, hopefully, avoid) workplace harassment, than from the EEOC. By that point, it may be too late. And if it’s too late for them, it may be too late for you to avoid a Charge of Discrimination or lawsuit.


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