Remember when I told you that NJ was so employee friendly? I LIED!

What was I thinking?

Just ask a plaintiff who not only lost on her state and federal discrimination and retaliation claims but, according to a New Jersey federal judge, “willfully deceived” both the employer-defendant and the Court “in bad faith and manipulated the judicial process.”

So, earlier this week, the judge really dropped the hammer. Please, Hammer, don’t hurt ’em.The Court ordered the plaintiff to pay the defendant $1,393,918.23 in damages on its counterclaims and an additional $457,040.22 towards the defendant’s attorneys’ fees.

And the Court didn’t stop there. It required the plaintiff’s husband — he wasn’t even a party to the lawsuit — to pay $23,714.00 in attorneys’ fees and costs to the defendant.

You can view a copy of the Court’s decision here.

In the immortal words of Craig and Smokey, “Damnnnnnnnn!

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