READ THIS: “Marijuana and the Workplace: It’s Complicated”


Image by CMElixirs from Pixabay

If you’ve got workplace drug testing for marijuana all figured out, you can skip today’s post.

As for the rest of you…

There is a new article from Tammy Lytle in the Fall 2019 Issue of HR Magazine called “Marijuana and the Workplace: It’s Complicated.” This article explores such topics as:

  • The changing state-by-state laws governing medical and recreational marijuana use;
  • CBDs and the “ABCs of THC”;
  • Statistics on workplace drug testing;
  • Considerations for drug testing potential new hires; and
  • The changing legal landscape of marijuana and the workplace.

I’m in there as an attorney resource (as someone who has worked with cannabis and non-cannabis companies) with a few soundbites and best practices for HR. (Thank you, Tammy.)

Here is a link to “Marijuana and the Workplace: It’s Complicated.”

And over on LinkedIn, we’re got a discussion going where you can share and discuss how your business addresses marijuana and the workplace. If you’ve got tips, troubles questions, you can like/comment/share here.


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