Poll: Your workplace prolly won’t survive a Walking Dead zombie apocalypse

I realize that a post like this has more of a Tuesday feel to it, but, I just couldn’t resist…

Leave it to Career Builder to issue a press release, “Could Your City Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? CareerBuilder and EMSI Reveal the Metros Most and Least Likely to Withstand the Walking Dead.”

At the risk of receiving a flurry of unsubscribe requests by revealing The Walking Dead spoilers, I’ll take this in another direction. First, I’ll share some of the, ahem, scientific poll results. Actually, I’ll share the methodology first:

The CareerBuilder study is comprised of a weighted index ranking the 53 largest U.S. metropolitan areas (with more than 1 million residents) based on their occupational skills and industry characteristics. A standard, flesh-eating virus transmitted via biting or contact with infected blood is assumed. The index is scored on eight different factors in four categories: ability to defend against the virus, ability to contain the virus, ability to find a cure and ability to outlast the epidemic with an ample food supply. The study is based on data from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), which analyzes labor market data from more than 90 national, state and local employment resources.

Boston, Salt Lake City, and Columbus, OH have a puncher’s chance to survive. NYC, Tampa, and LA are totally screwed. This interactive map will allow you to look up your city.

And, just so this post isn’t total mindless like the rest of the drivel I post, here are 8 ways for employers to prepare for a pandemic. But, I’ll probably need to update this list to include an arsenal of zombie fighting weapons and some peanut butter protein bars.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Surely, I’ll have a post next week about someone who dressed inappropriately at work, posted their pics to Facebook, and got fired. In the meantime, save me some Snickers.

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