POLL: How should companies handle employees that spread COVID-19 misinformation?


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The ‘inspiration’ for today’s post comes from this Buzzfeed article by David Mack and Tasneem Nashrulla entitled, “A Picturesque Cabin In The Woods Was Listed On Airbnb. The Catch? No COVID-Vaccinated Guests Allowed.”

The title of the Buzzfeed article says it all and leaves little suspense. But, you’re probably dying to read the Airbnb listing. So, here it is (allegedly):


Image Credit: @cwarzel on Twitter

As the Buzzfeed article notes, “the myth of “vaccine shedding” is just that: a myth. Scientists and officials have stressed that the COVID-19 vaccines are overwhelmingly safe and effective. More than 280 million doses have been administered so far in the US.”

The CDC recommends vaccinations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce believes that employers should promote vaccinations too. This McKinsey study shows a direct correlation between employer support for employee vaccinations and their willingness to get inoculated.

Rather than mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for employees, most employers will encourage or incentivize them instead. So, employees who do not want to get vaccinated will not have to choose between a jab and a job.

But, what about anti-vax employees who proselytize about COVID-19 — to the point of spreading misinformation like in the Airbnb rental ad?

An Airbnb spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the listing for the cabin was suspended Sunday night “for promoting COVID misinformation in violation of our content policy.”

That begs the question…

If a business learns that one of its employees is promoting COVID misinformation, how should it respond?

Please take this poll and I’ll post the results tomorrow.

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