I’m using pitcher Carlos Martinez’s porn-filled Twitter feed to teach you a social-media-and-the-workplace lesson.

The other day, Deadspin tweeted this headline:

Now, before you say anything, remember, I read Deadspin for their keen insight into the world of sports. And sometimes that means reading a post about porn. That holds especially true when there’s a potential social-media-and-the-workplace post in it for you, my wonderful readers.

Hey! A blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do, right R. Kelly?

So, yeah, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher “favorited” a lot of porn on his Twitter feed. A feed which has about 22K followers.

Someone give that man a Twitter lesson. Oh, right, Martinez claimed he was hacked.

*** cough *** *** bullsh*t *** *** cough ***

Either way, after the St. Louis Cardinals learned the news, they briefly considered spinning it into a “Carlos Martinez KY Jelly Giveaway” day at the ballpark weren’t happy

But, they used the incident as a springboard to focus on social media education for their players, so that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Still, could this have been prevented? How confident are you that your employees understand the potentially embarrassing digital breadcrumbs that their Twitter activity may create?

*** napalms Twitter feed ***

May I make a little suggestion? Maybe it’s time to dust off that social media policy, update and reissue it, with a little social media training to boot. 

Ensure that, at the very least, your employees know how to keep their off-the-clock social media activities from bleeding into the workplace.

It could save you a Carlos-Martinez-sized headache.

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