On 2/22/12, I’m yours for a SHRM #NextChat on Twitter

weknownext.pngA little birdie told me that Jason Mraz wrote this song about me and you.

Uh, oh. Meyer’s off his meds again. No folks, allow me to explain.

Next Wednesday, I will be tweeting (on Twitter) for SHRM’s We Know Next, and answering questions you have about “Social Media and HR – Policies and Legal Pitfalls”. Just get on Twitter at 3 PM EST on 2/22/12. Tweet your questions and comments to me with the hashtag #NextChat. And I’ll answer them like a boss; (link may be NSFW — depends on your tolerance for SNL digital shorts, and if you have a sense of humor).

What should we discuss? Well, Jon Hyman at the Ohio Employer Law Blog posted some statistics yesterday about the number of employees who friend their bosses on Facebook. Good idea for employees? Ask me on Wednesday.

What else? How about…

  • Should you monitor employee use of social media? (Is that even legal?)
  • What should you be doing to screen potential hires using social media?
  • What is that #1 “must have” for a social-media policy?
  • What issues are companies having with implementing a social-media policy?
  • How broad can a social-media policy be without being too broad (i.e., unlawful)?
  • Do businesses even need a social-media policy? Or is this just snake oil that lawyers sell to scare employers?
  • Can we be Pinterest pals?
  • Boxers or briefs? (Oops. Forgot the strikethrough.)
  • Social-media training for employees; good idea?
  • What privacy rights do your employees have?

Whatever is on your mind, just tweet it with the #NextChat hashtag next Wednesday at 3PM.

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”
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