New Philly law rewards employers for health benefits to LGBT employees


Earlier this month, Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter signed legislation that provides a credit to employers who offer health benefits to same-sex couples, life partners and transgender employees.

It took less than 50 days from the date that City Council introduced this bill for it to become law. This press release from the City of Philadelphia notes the other highlights of the law:

    • Amends various titles of The Philadelphia Code to provide for equality of treatment of all persons in the City of Philadelphia regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, including by further providing for the definition of “Life Partnership” and “Life Partner,” and for protections, rights, benefits and responsibilities of Life Partners;


    • Provides for gender neutrality in certain City forms and online websites;


    • Provides for access to public accommodations based upon an individual’s gender identity;


    • Provides for gender neutral bathrooms in City-controlled buildings;


    • Provides for the right to dress consistently with one’s gender identity; and


  • Ensures the right of transgender individuals to request name and gender changes on pertinent records.

Congratulations to the City of Philadelphia on becoming the first city in the nation to offer this tax credit to employers.

(h/t Joe’s HR and Benefits Blog)

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