New Philly bill aims to shut down local businesses engaging in “severe and repeated” discrimination

Do Not Cross, Crime Scene

This bill introduced in Philadelphia City Council back in April is quietly making its way closer to Mayor Kenney’s desk. And, it could mean the end of the road for Philadelphia businesses that believe that they can discriminate with impunity.

Layla Jones from The Philadelphia Tribune reports here that Councilman Derek Green first introduced this legislation “as the result of hearings held after instances of racial discrimination in the Gayborhood came to light last year.” The Jones article also cites Rue Landau, head of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, who notes that Councilman Green’s legislation makes it easier for the Commission to shut down repeat customers.

The proposed bill provides that “the Commission may, upon a finding that a respondent has engaged in severe or repeated violations without effective efforts to remediate the violations, order that the respondent cease its business operations in the City for a specified period of time.”

If Mayor Kenney signs the bill, it will take effect immediately!

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