More office romances; more anti-harassment training

A recent survey by Workplace Options, shows that most Generation-Y employees believe that an office romance will have a positive influence on performance and overall workplace morale.

Sounds like a Cialis commercial.

Who says I need to wait for Valentine’s Day for this post? Losers, that’s who. Lock the broom closets and click through for more on this survey and ways to address the office romance…

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Well, maybe office romance is only popular where the youngins hang out.

The same survey revealed that just 90% of older workers believe that office romances can adversely impact the workplace. Overall, 47% of those polled reported that they had observed romantic relationships in the workplace. Yet, 57% said that if they had a romantic relationship with a colleague, they would share information about it with others – either friends, co-workers or via social networks. (Repeat after me, “Don’t demand employee FB passwords.”)

Bottom line: Office romances happen. Some end well. Many go bad. To help cushion the blow for the employees, save their co-workers from the shrapnel, and otherwise protect the company, remember that tool in your arsenal: “respect in the workplace training”. You may also want to consider the “love contract,” as discussed here. But, I’m not a huge fan, for the reasons cited in Mark Toth’s “Do You Love Love Contracts?

And certainly not the love contract from that Chappelle Show skit. (I went back and forth on whether to include a hyperlink. Ultimately, the angel on my right shoulder won. Although the devil on my left shoulder says Google “Chappelle love contract” and watch in the comfort of your own home, because that video is hella Not Safe For Work. You — not me — but you, may be very offended by it).

See ya, Cupid!

(h/t Kathryn Tuggle at Fox Business)

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