I’ve got poll results on mandatory vaccinations. Plus, hold September 1 at Noon ET for the next Zoom!!!


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Since the FDA approved the first COVID-19 vaccine, President Biden has asked employers to mandate employee vaccinations. The American Medical Association has echoed the sentiment.

But are more employers really ready to require COVID-19 vaccinations?

Late last month, I asked, “Will your business mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for employees?” Here’s how readers of this blog responded:

  • 6.7% – We already do
  • 14% – We’re either planning on it soon or strongly considering it
  • 2.7% – Once the FDA approves the vaccine
  • 9.4% – I don’t know
  • 38.8% – Probably not
  • 28.4% – Never

Yesterday, I asked the same question. Here’s how people answered:

  • 11.7% – We already do
  • 15.4% – We probably will soon.
  • 11.3% – I don’t know
  • 41% – Probably not
  • 20.7% – Never

It seems that goalposts are getting closer. The overall number (11.7%) is still relatively low, but almost twice as many of you work for companies already mandating employee vaccines. Meanwhile, nearly 8% more of you work for companies that haven’t foreclosed the possibility of mandatory vaccinations. However, well more than half don’t have mandatory vaccinations on the horizon.

For those companies that are already mandating COVID-19 vaccinations or probably will soon, I asked if they would require COVID-19 boosters for employees.

Most people didn’t know (38.3%). I get that. A hard “yes” was only 10.9%, while 18.8% thought they probably would. I suspect that these numbers will rise next month as we get closer to the September release date for Pfizer boosters unless the overall Delta variant numbers decline. Meanwhile, 16.4% said that they probably wouldn’t mandate boosters, and 15.6% won’t require them at all.

Now for the best news of all.

On September 1, 2021, at Noon EDT, I’m back on Zoom for an hour on “Everything HR Ever Wanted to Know about Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace.” Along with my partners, Amy Epstein Gluck, David Renner, and Sid Steinberg, we’re going to discuss everything from accommodations (including what to do about those bogus religious ones) to booster shots to privacy concerns to PTO policies and whatever else is on your mind about mandatory vaccinations. Even if it will be a cold day in hell before your business requires anyone to get vaccinated, we’d love to have you join us.

The one-hour session is completely free. Just don’t expect to receive any legal advice; we get paid for that.

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