I’ve got links to the new FMLA forms from the U.S. Department of Labor


Image Credit: Photofunia.com (http://photofunia.com/results/5b8dd93a846d78c9078b45c4)

Meet the new forms; same as the old forms.

Well, except for the new expiration date. Yes, that’s right. The U.S. Department of Labor has taken the existing FMLA forms and updated “Expires: 6/30/2018” in the upper right-hand corner of each form to “Expires: 8/31/2021.”

Now, you can one-up those HR conference attendees that come to the 8 am session by downloading the latest forms first from the comfort of your office.

Take that, you nerds!

Or, maybe, you live life on the HR-compliance edge. Technically, you don’t have to use the DOL’s forms. But, whatever paperwork you use, make sure that it complies with the FMLA requirements.

So maybe just download the DOL forms, check that box, and start preparing for open enrollment.

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