How might the Biden Administration impact immigration policy?


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Immigration and employment law often go hand in hand.

Whether you operate a business or support it in a legal/management/human resources role, I can say with confidence that you’ve dealt with your fair share of immigration-compliance issues, especially over the last four years.

If immigration were more in my bailiwick — lawyers love using “bailiwick” to make them sound more intelligent — I’d address it more often on this blog. But, I know just enough about immigration law to pick up the phone and call one of my partners for help.

I imagine that a question on many minds right now is how a Biden administration might impact immigration policy? Heck if I know. But fortunately, this is another one of those situations in which I know where to turn for a concrete answer.

And lucky for you, I’m going to give you that answer.

Technically, my partner, Kevin Lashus, has answered that question. He recently recorded a 20-minute webinar designed for advanced HR, Compliance, and Legal team-members discussing travel bans, immigration processing delays, DACA, and non-immigrant visa processing exemptions.

The webinar is available here.



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