Hold up! Wait a minute! A federal judge just stayed Philly’s new salary-history law.


It may not have occurred exactly as I’ve depicted above. Although, this accompaniment foreshadows a strong second career in musical direction for the Bloggerking, amirite? 

Ok, so maybe my GifJif is a complete dramatization of Wednesday’s Order from District Judge Mitchell Goldberg in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Still, big news! Judge Goldberg stayed Philadelphia’s new law banning employer’s from asking job candidates about their salary history, pending the outcome of the Philly Chamber’s request for an injunction. That law would have taken effect on May 23.

According to this briefing scheduling, which Judge Goldberg also issued on April 18, the issue won’t be ripe for the court to adjudicate until at least mid-May. And the schedule doesn’t factor in oral argument. Leslie Pappas from Bloomberg Law reports here that the Chamber has lined up Miguel Estrada from Gibson Dunn to argue the case.

In the meantime, local employers remain free to inquire about salary history and can use that information to negotiate pay.

Other cities and states with similar laws in effect or under consideration will be watching this jawn closely.

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