Happy Employer Day: 140 employment-law characters to follow


Yesterday was Labor Day. And on Labor Day we honor the working men and women who are the lifeblood of American industry.

Most of us spent the day with family or friends, barbecuing or just taking it easy with a cold beer. Not me.

I spent the day making a special gift for employers. The way I figure it, no one gets honored on the day after Labor Day…until now.

 Sure, this blog kicks out some great labor-and-employment-law news and insight. Still, I’m but one man. With one blog. So, what I have for you is this link to 140 employment lawyers, HR folks, and other great resources on Twitter who constantly push out awesome information that will keep you compliant and way ahead of the curve. (If you’re not the list, sorry, your post-dated two-party check didn’t clear, deadbeat. Email me and I’ll look into adding you).

Happy Day After Labor Day (a/k/a Employer Day).

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