Eric Meyer: Employment lawyer, blogger, husband, father of 4, and so much more. (Ok, 5 more things).

Every so often, I like to reach out to a random reader of this blog to get their feedback on what I’m doing right (everything) and what I could improve upon (my arms). Yesterday, I spoke with a reader who mentioned that she liked the posts where I table the legal mumbo jumbo and just talk about me.

Unfortunately, however, we lawyers have no egos and rarely like to talk about ourselves. But, because it’s Friday, and in the spirit of narcisism charity, I’m going to let you in with another glimpse into my world.

  1. Eric, tell us something we didn’t know about you.  I’ve logged more hours watching Barclays Premier League soccer in the past 12 months than I care to admit. My 6-year old turned me on to it. What’s not to like about two 45-minute halves with no commercials? I’m this close to fully committing. Yes, I root for a team called the Canaries.
  2. Lame, Eric. How about something to keep us reading? Did I ever tell you that my oldest daughter was born on the sidewalk? No doctors. Just me, my wife, and a homeless man who recognized that something was not quite right about a woman giving birth outside of Pennsylvania Hospital.  Indeed, to commemorate the occasion, we drag our daughter down to “our spot” each year. Here’s Ivy on her fourth birthday. If only I could have bottled the look on the nurses faces when I asked, “So, this type of thing happens a lot, right? Right?”
  3. You play music on this blog a lot, what do listen to these days? Right hand to God, I’ve listened to the Royal Blood self-titled album at least 100 times in the past few months. But, my guilty pop pleasures are this Demi Lovato summer anthem and that Jason Derulo jawn.
  4. Where’s the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia? It’s John’s Roast Pork. Actually, the “in Philadelphia” part of this question is kind’ve redundant. For real, you can throw a stone around here and do alright. But, pretty much anywhere beyond 10 or so miles from downtown Philly is a hot mess. If the menu says, “Steak and Cheese” or “Philly Cheesesteak,” just walk away.
  5. Family, work, blog, how do you have time for all of this? I make time for what matters

family .


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