“Drug-Free Workplace Policy Builder” from the Department of Labor

Thumbnail image for DOLlogo.pngOrdinarily, I’m reluctant to recommend online modules that help HR professionals create workplace policies.

Like the one I used to create a Borat Workplace Dress Code. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but I was certain that the one-piece, over-the-shoulder, male swimsuits wouldn’t create a donning and doffing FLSA issue.

Hey, this post got weird quick. Didn’t it?

And speaking of inebriants…

Yesterday, in the course of noodling around for some fodder to update a Drug-Free Workplace Policy, I found this site from the U.S. Department of Labor, which walks employers through some of the issues to be considered when drafting a policy. It then allows employer to actually building a policy from scratch using DOL-suggested language.

The DOL’s policy builder is a nice platform to get you started. Just look out for some potential pitfalls such as asking employees about prescription and over-the-counter drugs. If you get too nosy, the EEOC may come calling. To be safe, have the finished product reviewed by employment-law counsel before implementation.

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