Apparently, selling “Wake The [expletive] Up” coffee raises the “for cause” termination bar

Let this be a lesson to those who are thinking about selling “Wake The F*&k Up” Coffee, “The Hottest F*&king Nuts,” or “The Hottest F*&king Sauce.”

Recently, I read this article from Clark Kauffman in the Des Moines Register about a cashier at the Last Chance Market in Iowa, who was allegedly fired after she and a customer began discussing various sexual activities in front of other customers. These customers then complained to management about the sexual banter, hence the pink slip.

Not that the employer need a reason to fire the crude cashier. Presumably, she was an at-will employee. But, the stakes are raised when an employee files for unemployment compensation benefits. That is, generally speaking, a terminated employee will receive u/c, unless the termination is for some sort of willful misconduct.

So, you’d think open sexual banter in front of customers would satisfy that requirement.

Yeah, you’d think that.

Well, the cashier had an ace up her sleeve; namely, the aforementioned f*&king products. 

Would you like to read how these products contributed to what the former employee described as an all-around profane and off-color working environment? Sure you would.

From Mr. Kauffman’s article:

“There’s jelly beans, salsa, hot sauces and all kinds of different things about women’s (bodies),” she testified. “There’s a whole shelf referring to — well, excuse me — but there’s one can called ‘The Hottest —-ing Nuts.’ “

She said the store also sells a brand of coffee named “Wake The —- Up,” the label of which reads: “This coffee makes a seriously strong cup of Joe. It will put some stride in your step and some lead in your pencil — not to mention that you will probably reorganize the garage and finally get to the lawn. Wake the F up and live!”

State records indicate the store also sells a brand of hot sauce called “The Hottest —-ing Sauce,” which is labeled as having an “ass-burning” quality that will inspire the consumer to “scream ‘(expletive)’ at the top of your lungs.”

Yep, the former employee got her u/c benefits.

And since I can’t beat it, to end this post, I’ll quote further from Mr. Kauffman’s article:

Shafer said she’s still looking for work, adding that Braaksma has banned her from shopping at the Last Chance Market. “And you know, he still has this big sign right where you go in, a metal sign, that says, ‘Shirts and shoes are required, but bras and panties are optional,’ ” she said.

Braaksma would not comment on the case, telling The Des Moines Register, “I don’t want my store’s name in no (expletive) news story.”

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